Matthew Rolston on Glamour, Death Anxiety, and the Unity of Opposites

Photographer Matthew Rolston appeared on Art Center College of Design’s Change Lab podcast. The show, hosted by Art Center’s President Lorne M. Buchman, features intimate interviews with leading artists and innovators, using change as a framework to explore their creative coming of age and the ways in which the creative process has been a catalyst for transformation—personally, professionally and globally.

Change Lab guests are artists, designers and entrepreneurs from diverse sectors including Silicon Valley, corporate America and the emerging field of social innovation.

Kicking off the third season of Art Center’s Change Lab podcast, Buchman and Rolston discuss his creative influences, his aesthetic of the Unity of Opposites, his self-commissioned fine art projects (including Vanitas), his ambivalence about the fashion industry's unrealistic standards of wealth and beauty and his fortuitous meeting, as a young Art Center student, with his childhood hero, Richard Avedon.

Matthew Rolston.  Untitled, #Pa487-1318 , Palermo, Italy, from the series, “Vanitas” © MRPI

Matthew Rolston. Untitled, #Pa487-1318, Palermo, Italy, from the series, “Vanitas” © MRPI